Why MLB Players Wear Number 42 On Jackie Robinson Day. [Video]

Vin Scully re-tells the story of why Jackie Robinson’s teammate, Gene Hermanski, suggested everyone player wear the #42 jersey.

Jeff Francouer’s Reaction To The Deaf Teammate Prank Is The Best. [Video]

The El Paso Chihuahuas pulled the dread deaf teammate prank on Jeff Francouer and he fell for it hard. Idiot? Nope. Sounds like his a good guy.

Baseball Is Back With “Jacoby Elsbury Is A Trader” Sign.

Not sure if calling Jacoby Ellsbury a ‘trader’ is a positive or a negative. This Boston fan wants to be clued in too. Hooray for baseball!

Reaction To Mattingly Questioning Puig ESPN Article Explained In The Comments.

Dodger manager Don Mattingly is an old school manager dealing with a talented ‘da hell with’ old school player Yasiel Puig. An ESPN commenter’s dream.

Daughter Wants To Hear Her Father’s Voice. [Video]

Verlon ‘Rube’ Walker was a career minor leaguer and coach who died in 1971. His daughter Leigh Ann, who was 3 when he died, just wants to hear his voice.

Good Luck Unhearing St. Louis Cardinals Fan’s ‘The Chase Is On’ Song. [Video]

Sports team fan songs are never easy on the ears. ‘The Chase Is On’ by a St. Louis Cardinals fan is no different. Bring back the Ickey Shuffle.

Here’s Why Everyone Loves Mariano Rivera. [Video]

It’s fitting that longtime teammates Andy Pettitte and Derek Jeter made the trip to the mound in Mariano Rivera’s last appearance in Yankee Stadium.

Oakland A’s Baby Celebrate MLB Playoffs With Beer Too.

Knowing a little about the Oakland A’s in the 1970’s, this baby drinking a Bud Light makes sense.