Watch This Grandma Snag A Lined Foul Ball Better Than You Ever Will. [Video]

Not only does she snare a screaming foul ball but she also knows how to celebrate a good catch. Instant web gem.

Rockies’ Todd Helton Pulled The Hidden Ball Trick And Hit A Home Run. [Video]

Todd Helton of the Colorado Rockies is retiring after this season and that gives him a couple weeks to teach the youngsters some lessons.

Evan Gattis Home Run Call: ‘This Ball Is Going, Going, Gonads!’ [Video]

A fan at the Braves – Marlins baseball game gets hit in the johnson with home run ball. Loses the home run ball and his dignity at the same time.

Diamondbacks Fan Misses Baseball Tossed Into Stands. Giants Fan Saves The Day. [Video]

Watch the video of a SF Giants fan giving away his souvenir silver-baseball to the crying, foul-ball missing, D-backs fan.

The Scariest First Pitch Happened At A Japanese Baseball Game. [Video]

A promotion for a the new ‘Sadako 2 3D’ has ‘The Ring’ chick throwing out the first pitch at a Japanese baseball game. She throws harder than you.

18 Plus Minutes Of The Longest Home Runs In MLB History [Video]

Watch a bunch of MLB players hit long home runs and watch Mark McGwire, who looks like a tree-trunk with fire hydrant legs, run the bases.

Switch-Pitcher: Can Yu Darvish Of The Rangers Throw Left-Handed Too? [Video]

I get the feeling Texas Ranger’s right-handed pitcher Yu Darvish would only pitch leftie to get into the batters’ head and it would work.

‘Detroit’s Bankrupt!’ – Cleveland Indian’s Fans Respond To ‘Lets Go Tigers’ Chant [Video]

Never go into another team’s home stadium and start a lame ‘Lets go…’ chant. Especially in Cleveland.