Selfie: Devil Rays Reporter Kelly Nash Gets Photobombed By Baseball.

Not the face! This picture of a baseball whizzing by reporter Kelly Nash’s head will be the next internet meme.

Glen Perkins Of The Minnesota Twins Does A Scammed Fan A Solid.

Scammed or not, it’s hard to not be a Glen Perkins fan.

Houston Astros’ Fan Catches Drew Stubbs’ Home Run Ball In His Bucket Of Popcorn. [Video]

Would you sacrifice a full bucket of popcorn for a home run ball? Of course you would.

Cincinnati Reds’ Todd Frazier Hit A Home Run At The Request Of Batboy Teddy Kremer. [Video]

Even St. Louis Cardinals’ fans will appreciate this story.

Pittsburgh Pirates’ Fan Catches Foul Ball With Ginormous Baseball Mitt. [Video]

I’m sure the Pittsburgh Pirates General Manager hopes big-glove guy purchased a ticket for his oversized mitt.

Mariner’s Fan Catches Foul Ball In Beer Cup. Avoids Party Foul And Drinks The Remaining Beer. [VIDEO]

Seattle Mariner’s fan catches Justin Smoak’s foul ball and pours the remaining beer down the front of his shirt/coat.