Kurt Rambis Impersonator At Lakers Game Gets No Love. [Instagram]

And in typical LA fashion, nobody gives a damn about this Kurt Rambis’alike.

The Definition Of Dick Move – Fake Handshake And Score. [Video]

Portland and Portland State played basketball and one team won the game and the other team has a guy who got a steal and two points at the end of the game.

Blame World Cup 2014 For NBA Triple Flop 2014 – Flopocalypse 2014. [Vine]

DeMarcus Cousins, Rudy Gay, and Kenneth Faried all rooted for Brazil in the World Cup this summer and used the same moment to show what they learned.

Sports Anchor Reenacts Florida-Dayton Basketball Game. [Video]

WCJB’s sports anchor follows the NCAA rules on showing game highlights by reenacting the pivotal plays. Reenactment 62, Actual Game 52.

Mini-Coach Martelli Is Coach Martelli’s Grandson. [Video]

Phil Martelli’s 4-year old grandson, Philip Martelli, donned the sports coat, concerned look and a dry-erase pen for drawing out plays on a white board.

Easy To Root For The Wofford Terriers Thanks To Aerris Smith. [Video]

Aerris Smith chose to play and help his team get into the NCAA Tourney knowing full well that he wouldn’t be able to join them for March Madness. Amazing.

LeBron James Meets A Guy Who Has LeBron James Tattooed On His Back.

LeBron’s not-so-excited reaction to a fan’s Lebron back tattoo tells me that the fan needs to expand it a little. Our recommendation: LeBron tramp stamp.

Blake Griffin Dunks On Lakers. Leaves A Mark. [Video]

The LA Clippers beat the LA Lakers by 48 points last night. LA bros are now busy changing their jerseys and allegiance.