Bad Hair Year.

Out there, somewhere, a hair stylist is very ashamed of themselves.

Dadsong Commercial – Old Spice Wins Again With New Commercial. [Video]

Old Spice’s commercials where the moms begrudgingly lose their sons gets updated with dad’s perspective (and it’s the opposite of mom’s).

Animated Plastic Surgery Video Is Sickly Entertaining. [Video]

Frédéric Doazan’s ‘Supervenus’ animates the craziness that is plastic surgery. Think scalpel addiction and sprinkle in the limitations of the human body.

Bitcoin Cologne – BitCologne Now At $26. Could Be $.0023 Next Week. [Video]

BitCologne – It’s the cologne you wouldn’t wear, inspired by the currency you probably don’t own.

Video Guide To Men’s Hairstyles From 60’s And 70’s. [Video]

70’s hair doesn’t just have to be for Halloween or 70’s parties. Make the permanent switch to 70’s hair by picking a groovy style from this video guide.

Hockey Hair Rated – Love It. [Video]

The real winners of Minnesota’s state high school hockey tournament appear in the ‘4th Annual Hockey Hair Team’ video. It’s all about the flow.

You’ll Feel Like You’re Visiting Japan Watching ‘January In Japan’ By Scott Gold. [Video]

Scott Gold’s short film ‘January in Japan’ is perfect at capturing Japan. It’s like the IKEA of tourism videos because it doesn’t need to be translated.

Punker Makeover. [Video]

Watch one punker makeover that takes a female punk from extreme to looking like everyone else (and she seems to like it).