Amsterdam Town Drunks Get Paid In Beer, Smokes And Euros To Pick Up Trash.

An organization in Amsterdam is trying to clean up the streets and keep the drunks from fighting. Bingo! Pay the drunks in beer to pickup trash.

Picking A Guinness Draught Over A Rockstar Energy Drink.

This doesn’t happen on accident. Now, whose can came first: Guinness Draught or Rockstar Energy Drink?

Mostly Harmless Drunks Fighting In Real-Time – Only Looks Slow Motion. [Video]

Highly unlikely that an Evite was used to organize this party.

Budweiser’s New ‘Buddy Cup’ Facebook Friends’ You With All Of The Toasted People You Drunkenly Toasted. [Video]

Drunk ‘Friending’ is easier than ever now with Budweiser’s Buddy Cup.

An International Guide To Drinking And Curing Hangovers.

This is a public service announcement:’s colorful and simple ‘Hangover cures and the calorific cost of booze’ infographic.