Yes, Star Wars Did Have Stormtrooper Bloopers. [Video]

Watch the short blooper reel from Star Wars that is so old that the first half plays like a silent movie.

Bloopers Compilation Video: Animals vs News Reporters. [Video]

Attack of the cats and a little bit of Jurassic Park in this Reporters vs Animals blooper video.

The Office’s Season 2-8 Bloopers Is Better Than Everything Else On TV. [Video]

Missing The Office? Watch two hours of The Office bloopers for season’s 2-8.

Dag Gummit! Bill Dance’s ‘Outdoors’ Blooper Reel. [Video]

Funny blooper compilation also doubles as an instructional video for not-swearing while fishing in Tennessee.

Compilation: The Best News Bloopers Of April 2013 (Yes, AJ Clemente Included). [Video]

Thank goodness for the compilation video… and Tsegaye Kebede.