Girl Plays Fetch With Kitten. [Video]

Fetch playing kitten wins out over homework.

Cat Walks Backwards On Two Hind Legs. [Video]

Is the cat walking backward on two legs or is the video running in reverse of a cat walking forward on two legs? Either way, weird.

Ice Machine Use Triggers Dog To Attack Cat. [Video]

Watch dog go after cat when the ice machine is used. Why? No reason.

Cat Wearing A New Harness Collar Goes Nuts. [Video]

Sooiee The Cat gets a new harness collar and then makes some changes around the house.

What Kid And Cat Do When The Vacuum Cleaner Is Being Used.

The sound of the vacuum cleaning forces one imgurian’s son into hiding. Cat too!

Cat Food Treadmill. [Video]

Turns out, the ‘dangling cat food in front of a cat’ thing works!

Cat Gets In The Way Of Some Good Yoga. [Video]

I was told that somewhere in this video, a cat named Milo appears. I’ve watched it 25 times and still haven’t seen him. Help!

Pug vs Cat Fight Video Is So Dumb That Betty White Wants To Stop It. [Video]

Knock yourself out with this video of a pug puppy doing battle with a cat while their owner lets the TV break up the fight.