Cat Sticks Tongue Out At The Sound Of Packing Tape. [Video]

This is simple – cat hears packing tape sound, sticks tongue out.

Two Cats In One Box = Fort Asshole.

What do you get when you put two cats in one anything?

Compilation Video Of Cats, Dogs And A Pig Who Don’t Care Anymore. [Video]

These are the pet equivalents of senior citizens.

Babies Laughing At Cats Playing Is The Latest Babies Laughing At Video.

Cats are funny and babies figure this out early.

Cat Loses Its Shit When A Kitten Crawls Over A Kitten. [Video]

There is no good way to describe what’s happening in this video of a mama cat reacting to her kittens. You just have to watch this video.

Cats Putting Up With Dogs. [Video]

Video compilation of cat-loving dogs trying to be friends with temperamental cats.

Cat Grooming – Cat Owners Who Dye, Shave And Paint Their Cats Should Be Neutered.

Chester Cheeto, The Lion King and some birds get shaved, dyed and painted into some unfortunate cats back fur for Intergroom. Their owners: dumbasses.

Patient Dogs Have A Compilation Video.

Watch dogs behave uncatlike as they’re poked, dressed up, teased and sat on.