Cat Mail Slot – Mailman Delivers Mail Through Cat Protected Mail Slot. [Video]

Watch a mailman playfully deal with a insane cat who waits all day for the mail.

Video Of Perish The Cat Eating While Lying Next To His Bowl. [Video]

Perish the Cat may seem lazy, lying next to his bowl and eating his food. Why would a cat named Perish eat like he’s dying, lying down next to his bowl?

‘My Cat Cries At The Window When I Leave’

Another example of a comment rising above a caption on imgur. It’s also another example of a cat falling below dogs on imgur.

Cats Humping On The Roof Of A Car – Try To Spot ‘Lucky Pierre’

Guy stumbles on the neighborhood cats turning the roof of his car into the grotto at the Playboy mansion. Lucky Pierre makes an appearance.

Video Of A Cat ‘Not Sharing’ Three Bowls Of Cat Food. [Video]

Watching this video of a cat Bogarting three bowls of cat food reminds me of how my brother would do the same thing by scratching his head on my food.

Cat Climbs Up Christmas Tree. Cat Brings Down The Christmas Tree. [Video]

Cat climbs up a Christmas tree and then wait for it… wait for it… bringo! BTW: This is stuff that people ‘let’ happen before they have kids.

Dogs Afraid To Walk Past Cats – The Compilation Video.

As the youngest in my family, I know what these dogs are going through.

Caption: ‘Look What I Made, Assface.’

From a mother cat to the photographer.