No Más: Video Of Two Cats Wearing Big Red Leaves On Their Heads. [Video]

Enough with the whole balancing stuff on cat’s heads. Leaves better be it. Sincerely, The Cats who are sick of having shit balanced on their heads.

Cats Used To Reenact The Hunger Games. [Video]

I think I know who’ll be the first to go when the cats take over.

Watch Cats Stalking The Camera In The Ultimate Stalking Cat Video.

Rodents and birds – watch this compilation video of cats stalking.

Stray Cat Makes Daily Visit To Pet Store. [Video]

Why do criminals rob banks? Because it’s where the money is. Graham the stray cat hangs out in a pet store for basically the same reason but with catnip.

Stray Cat Wanders Into A Pet Store.

What section do you think the cat heads to?

‘I Made My Cat Leon A Crown’

A cat don’t – create a crown for your cat and then put it on.

Compilation Video Of Cats Stealing Dog Beds. [Video]

Cats Stealing Dog Beds Review : A Funny video of thoughtless cats sleeping in the beds of traumatized, bed-less dogs. You can feel their pain.

Roundup: 9/11 Gaffe, Tick On Dick, Stealhead Joe And This Is Nova.

Roundup of stories about how NFL owners made their money, families sued for being hit by trains and diplomats suing vets.