Uplifting Christmas Song About A Lump Of Coal Named Joel. [Video]

Jimmy Kimmel must’ve been visited by three ghosts because with the help of The Killers, he just wrote a sweet Christmas song about Joel the lump of coal

Bieber Booed On Fashion Rocks Show. [Video]

Thank you Justin Bieber for bringing attention to the Fashion Rocks show. Big hearted celebrities, musicians and models take the stage for charity… yeah.

The Dumbass Edition Of The Ice Bucket Challenge. [Compilation Video]

Dumping a bucket of ice water on your head and knowing about the cause your doing it for are two different things. Need proof? Watch this compilation vid.

Man Pushes Brussel Sprout Up A Mountain With His Nose – Crazy Or Charity? [Video]

Crazy or for charity? Stuart Ketell is pushing a brussel sprout up Mount Snowdon with his nose – normally crazy but it’s for charity so it’s a good thing.

Denver Broncos Super Bowl 43 Champion Shirt.

The NFL makes sure no gear from the losing Super Bowl team goes to waste. Consequently, the Broncos are Super Bowl 43 champs in parts of Africa and Asia.

Charity Fail – Water To Wine Was A Hoax By Charity Wine To Water. [Video]

Wine to Water was behind the Miracle Machine hoax. They want to bring safe drinking water to the developing world. Probably lying their asses off again.

Seahawk Fans Have To Silently Watch NFC Championship To Win $5,000. [Video]

Imagine watching your favorite sports team, in their biggest game to date, without making any noise. Watch FOX Sports put Seahawk fans to the test.

Matthew Cordle’s ‘I Killed A Man’ Video Confession Is A Promo For Charity ‘Because I Said I Would.’

Watch the confession video that is actually a promo for a new non-profit ‘because I said I would.’ WTF – vehicular manslaughter to promote a charity?