Ok To Shit Yourself Watching Man Do Mt. Hua Plank Walk Harness Free. [Video]

It’s ok to shit yourself watching Mark Laurence do the Mt. Hua plank with a harness too.

Chinese Man Pushing Snakes Through His Nose And Out His Mouth. [Video]

And they call this guy a snake charmer. Sorry but shoving snakes into your nose and out of your mouth is not charming.

Chinese Man Covered In 326,000 Bees, Breathing Through A Cigarette. [Video]

China’s Gao Bingguo just broke the record for being covered in bees. China also claims its prize for being the Florida of world record breakers.

Face Protecting, Wrestling Mask Wearing Chinese Beach Babes.

Taking ‘not the face’ to level holy shit – the wrestling mask wearing babes of China.

Chinese Fisherman Live By ‘Catch And Release’ But Not In That Order – You Release We Catch.

You Release and We Catch. Or ‘Catch and Release’ into our bucket.

Serenaded Girl In China Calls Boy ‘Annoying’ And Breaks His Guitar. [Video]

Watch scene unfold like a classic John Hughes film. Boy on guitar, girl ‘friend’ on the drums. Serenade fails and boy realizes it’s the drummer he loves.

Chinese Man Commits Suicide Because His Girlfriend Won’t Stop Buying Shoes.

Some poor guy in China felt his only option was to kill himself when his girlfriend refused to stop shopping for shoes.

Professor Zhang Builds Rooftop Retreat On Beijing Apartment Building [Video]

After years of aiding the Chinese army with traditional medicine, Prof. Zhang creates a concoction just for him that sets him on a rooftop building spree.