Third Interstellar Trailer Expands On Replacement Earth Story. [Video]

Interstellar is due out November 7th.

Sick Sea Stars Are Having Their Arms Twist Off and Walk Away. [Video]

The symptoms of sea star wasting syndrome are from a horror movie. Starts as a lesion, then comes the twisting and next, your detached arm is walking away.

The Cold War On Global Warming: It’s Super Cold Outside So Climate Change Is A Myth. [Video]

It happens every year – a little cold weather and the non-scientists experts at Fox call global warming a hoax. Even Trump made it on this exclusive panel.

Before And After : Proof That China Has Landed On The Moon.

That didn’t take long.

Climate This! Interstellar Filmed With IMAX Camera Mounted On A Learjet.

If Interstellar is about climate change and a bleak foodless future, a good way to get us there quicker is by mounting a big as camera on a Learjet now.

We’re Not Going To Let The Sun Have All The Fun Burning Up Our Planet. [Video]

According to Asap SCIENCE, our dying sun is going to burn us off of earth in a billion years. We say BS! We’ll burn ourselves off of earth in 100 years.

Not All Extinctions Due To Climate Change – Dildo Extinction Manmade

Climate change is leading to the extinction of many species. Man can take credit, though, for the extinction of the dildo.