Fixed The ‘My Wife Is A Hot Green Bay Fan’ Hoodie

The Packers lost ugly in the NFC Championship game. The hoodie for HOT, and not PSYCHOTIC, Green Bay fans had to be fixed so it could be worn year round.

Where Do I Get The New Snuggies … Said No One Ever. [Video]

Snuggies are upping their game with some new Snuggies including an evening gown and tuxedo Snuggie and his/her beach swimsuit Snuggies. Sweet!

I Am Groot Dog Costume.

The chihuahua’s are protecting the galaxy – chihuahua Groot and chihuahua Rocket Raccoon.

Man Wearing – She Wants The D T-Shirt.

Nothing to see at Disney World except some people wearing shirts that describe how much they love the D.

Woman Wears ‘I Love Crystal Meth’ T-shirt In Booking Photo.

A Kentucky woman was arrested wearing a ‘I Love Crystal Meth’ t-shirt. What do you think she was arrested for?

$70 Pro-Feminism T-Shirt Produced By Women Making Less Than $1/Hour.

No better way to promote feminism than by having women produce a t-shirt with a pro-feminist message. Nothing says capitalism than by paying them $1/hour.

Wearing Caffeinated Underwear Will Not Help You Lose Weight – FTC

Strike ‘caffeinated underwear’ off the list of possible weight loss techniques.

Fuck You Kanye T-Shirt – The Video.

Share the joy watching a little kid, who happens to be in a wheelchair, wearing his Fuck You Kanye t-shirt.