Rapey T-Shirt- Another Dumbass T-Shirt And Another Dumbass Explanation.

Move over Kent State massacre t-shirt. The SM Store just found out rapey t-shirts are not going to be big sellers. They respond with surprise.

Alabama Fan’s ‘I Would Like To Solve The Puzzle’ Shirt Is Just DUMBAS_

An Alabama football fan was so close to creating a masterpiece of a Wheel of Fortune inspired ‘burn’ shirt about Auburn. Unfortunately, he failed.

Little Kids Wearing Tuxedos Like Harry And Lloyd.

These two kids, dressed in tuxedos like Harry and Lloyd, probably have no idea how cool their parents are. Awesome and Awesomer.

The IceTee Shirt Uses ‘Strategically Placed’ Gel Packs To Keep You Cool…

For people that exercise, the IceTee Shirt sounds like a great idea. The Gizmag article profiling the IceTee unfortunately gives the trade secret away.

Remember The Medfly Invasion? [Video]

In 1980’s, California went absolutely nuts in their battle with the medfly – insecticides, checkpoints, t-shirts. What worked? Sterile males.

Base Jumper On Fire – All To Sell Fire Protection Gear. [Video]

Devold manufactures and sells fire protection gear. Base jumping in Devold fire protection clothing… while on fire… I don’t get it.

OKC Brewery Made Spoof Oklahoma City Seahawks 2015 Shirts.

Check out the shirts a brewery made for the Oklahoma City Seahawks – 2015 NFC Champions. Why not NFL Champions? Because runner-up is enough for OKC.

Hooray For Fashion! Nipple Dress, Nipple Handbag And Puckered Anus Shoes.

If your fashion needs can only be met with nipples, human hair and some anus – the HUMAN FURRIERY collection has you covered.