Don’t Stop Believin’ – Virginia Fan Serenades His Goose. [Video]

Watch a Virginia student sing Don’t Stop Believin’ to his Virginia Cavalier goose.

College Student Wins Tuition Money By Hitting Four Baskets. [Video]

Watch Bryan College student Gustavo Angel Tamayo nail four baskets to win $10,000 in tuition money.

Dr. Charlie Day’s Commencement Speech Kills! [Video]

Listen to Charlie Day’s commencement speech to the 2014 graduating class of Merrimack College… and wish it were longer.

Comedian ‘Unwillingly’ Stars In A Ken Burns Documentary. [Video]

A day in the life of Eugene Mirman gets the Ken Burns documentary treatment.

Conan Interviews His Unpaid Interns And Meets Pencil Guy. [Video]

CONAN hangs out with his unpaid interns and they don’t always tell him what he wants to hear.

Michael Jackson Tribute: Ohio State University Marching Band Moonwalked. [Video]

Football Schmootball. At OSU, it’s about the halftime show and watching the marching band. Michael Jackson tribute just one more great performance.

Art School Pageant Finalist Is A Man Who Saran Wrapped Raw Meat To His Face, Body.

An art school in Japan is holding a pageant that combines fashion, art and music. One contestant could fail in all three categories and still win easily.

Nicholas Selby’s Speech Welcoming Engineering Students To Georgia Tech [Video]

Proof once again that engineers may design with limits but speak without.