More Awkward Celebrity Photos Released By Conan O’Brien. [Video]

Conan O’Brien found more embarrassing celebrity photos. Prince, Putin and Kardashian are now on damage control.

Stephen Colbert Talks About Replacing Letterman. [Video]

Last night, Stephen Colbert acknowledged David Letterman’s influence on late night talk shows while plugging his new gig taking over Late Night. Today’s Letterman is more Carson-like but early Dave, in the 80’s, was Conan/Fallon/Kimmel before Conan/Fallon/Kimmel. I’ve included a compilation video of Dave Letterman bits from 1984-1986 to remind people of Dave’s influence on […]

Conan’s Flat Ass Has An Upside According To Jason Momoa. [Video]

Betty White only squirmed a little when Jason Momoa pointed out the little know gain on the opposite side of Conan’s flat ass.

Conan – 14 Signs Buzzfeed Lists Are Running Out Of List Ideas. [Video]

From the ’27 Signs Your Dog Is Hotter Than Your Boyfriend’ to the ’14 Photos Of Fruit Looking Like Ryan Gosling’ – it’s Buzzfeed List time with Conan.

Olympic Events Sound Pretty Gay When Translated From Russian. [Video]

The 2014 Sochi Olympics got off to a bad start when Russia, the host, went all homophobe. Conan figures out what they’re hiding.

Every TV Newscaster Is Using ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’ As A Lead-In. [Video]

Yes, our local TV newscasters could be replaced by robots… or kittens. Watch several dozen Stepford newscasters repeat the ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’ line.

Outtakes Of CONAN Riding With Ice Cube And Kevin Hart Is Funnier Than Intakes. [Video]

Want to hear Conan O’Brien drop an F-bomb? Watch this hilarious video of outtakes from his Lyft ride with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube.

Conan O’Brien – Justin Bieber Is A Waste Of A Fertilized Egg.

Leave it to Team Coco to crystallize eloquently the whole Justin Bieber neighbor egging dumbassdom.