Glenn Danzig Wanted Audience Members To Punch A Guy Filming Concert. [Video]

It’s annoying when people shoot view-blocking videos on their cellphone at concerts. Telling audience members to beat the guy up is just plain Danzig.

DJ Steve Aoki Throws A Cake Into The Crowd And Hits A Kid In A Wheelchair In The Face. [Video]

Watch a kid in a wheelchair get hit in the face with a cake at a Steve Aoki concert and go nuts with the people around him. Even the audio’s weird in this.

Dave Matthews Fans Pick Up Hitchhiking Dave Matthews And Take Him To His Concert.

On the ‘awesome’ scale, picking up a hitchhiking Dave Matthews on your way to a Dave Matthews concert is off the chart.

Boyfriend Win: Empty Men’s Room At Taylor Swift Concert.

I tried to come up with other man wins at a Taylor Swift concert. Couldn’t.