The Awful Human Award Goes To… Go Touch The Spider Woman. [Video]

Watch ‘go touch the spider woman’ prank a baby. It’s like Jackass for awful parents.

Andres Serrano Talking About His Art And ‘Piss Christ’ T-Shirt. [Video]

Controversial artist Andres Serrano explains the motivation behind his art. Surprisingly, he really cares what his fellow artists think of him.

Russell Brand Will Not Be One Of GQ’s ‘Men Of The Year’ For 2014. [Video]

GQ gave Russell Brand ‘The Oracle’ award at the 2013 Men of the Year award ceremony so please listen to the man. He’s pegged you and your sponsor Hugo Boss.

Geniuses: Company Creates Truck Tailgate Decal Of Bound And Tied Woman.

The Dumbass of the Day award goes to Hornet Signs of Waco Texas. Their ‘bound and tied’ woman decal is one part cry for attention and nine parts stupid.

Comedian Bill Burr’s Take On The Paula Deen Scandal: We Need ‘The Disgrace Channel.’ [Video]

Bill Burr proves you can talk about the Paula Deen scandal without being a ‘holier than thou’ dickhead.

A Staged Fake? Tonight Show’s Pumpcast News Karaoke Couple Are Actors. Jay Leno Has Some Splainin To Do. [Video]

How a late night joke teller can become the butt of every late night joke teller.

Former GM Of Toronto Maple Leafs Files A Defamation Suit Against Poonerman, Slobberface and 16 Others.

Crazy lawsuit makes ‘what wasn’t news’ – news.

Conan: Justin Bieber Didn’t Stop At Anne Frank; ‘Faux’ Tweets About Joan of Arc, Jesus And MLK. [Video]

Justin Bieber hoping Anne Frank would’ve been a ‘belieber’ leads to controversy but shirtless Abe Lincoln wrestling pantless George Washington for President’s Day sale commercial isn’t. Paaaaa-leeeze!