BB Gun Shooting Vandals Call 911 When Followed By Angry Victim. [Video]

Teenagers shooting out car windows with a bb gun panic when a motorist gives chase. Now known as cowards and dumbasses.

Port St. Lucie Police Department Is In Their Busy Season.

What does a caged raccoon drug house have to do with a domestic dispute involving transgender porn and a boot? A day in the life of a Port St. Lucie PO.

Insurance Scam Fail – Insurance Scammer Cuts His Off Own Two Fingers Gets Arrested.

‘Don’t leave your severed fingers at the kid’s play area’ is probably the only lesson this insurance fraudster learned. Two down, eight more to cut.

Toilets Hanging In A Tree Are Not Art. [Video]

Toilet Tree Art: Unfortunately, people being stupid is a god given right. In response, I wish we could defy god and make ‘dumbass’ a ticketable offense.

No McFlurry Car Fire – No McFlurry Woman Sets Man’s Car On Fire. [Video]

There’s a whole mess of crazy in this McFlurry story. From the firestarter, to the fire victim to the police ID’ing the burned out car by its license plate.

Texting Shakespeare – Not Sending The PS3 I Ordered, I Text You Hamlet.

A man who paid and for and never received a pre-owned PS3 gets revenge on the fraudster via Shakespeare texts and more Shakespeare texts and more …

Serial Urinator Police Sketch – Annoying Orange Is Peeing On People?

Police put together a sketch of a Florida man who has been peeing on people. He doesn’t appear to be armed but he’s extremely annoying.

Lawyer’s Commercial About Representing Criminals And Loving It. [Video]

Knowing his market niche and subtle nuanced audience shifts during brainstorming sessions – oh fuck it, this lawyer represents crooks.