Little Medieval Knights Having A Sword Fight. [Video]

Watch two wee knights battle it out with swords while the adults cheer them on. It’s like Thunderdome for kids!

Deer And Cat Are Friends. [Video]

The deer and cat are friends and they’re not afraid to show it.

Little Girl Plays Hide And Seek With Her Newfie. [Video]

Hard to beat this type of cute video.

Little Girl Cheers For Her Soccer Team Like Everyone Else. [Video]

From her dad’s shoulders, a little NK Rijeka fan cheers on her team and the video is hard to beat.

Walking With Cast On Broken Leg.

Wading through the crap that is the internet, I could only find one thing that was crap-worthy. Thank you imgur and thank you puppy with broken leg.

Kitten Wiggles Ears : Kitten Is Full When Her Ears Stop Wiggling. [Video]

Kitten wiggles ears during feeding. Stops wiggling ears when it’s full.

Gorilla Escape Practice Drill By Zookeepers At Japanese Zoo. [Video]

A zookeeper in a gorilla suit simulates what an escaped gorilla would do if it were cute and in a gorilla suit. The reality would be scarier and bloodier.

Baby Selfies – One-Year Old Shoots Selfie Video On Mom’s iPhone. [Video]

A one-year old from Nashville makes the only selfie video that’s spontaneous and fun to watch. Please don’t try to have your babies copy her.