Hardcore Will Never Die Gives Hardcore Will Never Die GIF.

Short and loud Hardcore Will Never Die video leads to the best GIF dance video ever made from the Hardcore Will Never Die video.

Dance Like Everyone Is Watching. [Video]

Some people dance with grace, beauty and fluidity while the rest of us close our eyes and just pound it out. Watch a woman dance like us.

A Pair Of Emus And An Ostrich Meet A Weasel Ball Toy And Freak Out. [Video]

Remember, they’re big chickens.

It’s Not A Dress, It’s A Pants Suit! [Video]

We can only hope to be this excited in our lives as this woman is about her pants suit.

Stephen Colbert Awesomely Dealt w/ Daft Punk Not Appearing On His Show [Video]

Mtv preventing Daft Punk from appearing on The Colbert Report was a gift for all fans of Stephen Colbert dancing.. like Ellen.

tim-E: The iPhone/iPod Charging, Dancing Alarm Clock With Attitude. [Video]

Can you say planned obsolescence? tim-E the alarm clock with attitude will annoy you awake.

Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Lie Witness News’: Kids Love Fake Bands NOT Playing At Coachella. [Video]

“Are you guys excited for Regis and the Philbins?”

Woman Dances While Waiting For A Bus. [VIDEO]

We should all be this happy about mass transit.