Girlfriend Signs, Photographs Boyfriend’s Junk Before He Goes Out. [Video]

Weird or Not Weird – A woman went on the Steve Harvey Show and explained how she signs and photographs her boyfriend’s penis before he goes out.

Get To Know Amazon Amanda And Meet Her Little Friend Sergio. [Video]

6′ 3″ Amazon Amanda has a good thing going and she can thank the eccentric little men in her life for her success.

Do-It-Yourself Last Minute Valentine’s Day Cards.

So you goofed and forgot to get your wife/girlfriend a Valentine’s Day – no prob. supplied us with some gems that will score you huge points.

Kissing A Fake Girlfriend Selfie Guy’s Tips On Fake Girlfriend Selfie.

A Japanese man has perfected the fake girlfriend selfie and all he needed was camera, tripod, wig and still hand. Call it a DIY project for the lonely.

A Wonderful Animated Short Film About Love And Advertising. [Video]

‘Love in the Time of Advertising’ is a perfect short that not only carries a sweet story to the end but is also paired with an amazing score.

A Stranger’s Airplane Mega-Poop Chased Jonah Hill’s True Love Away. [Video]

We’ve all been there – getting the blame for somebody else’s bathroom stink. To 18-year old Jonah Hill, it could’ve been life changing.

The State Of Florida Gets A Christmas Gift: It’s The State Of Oklahoma. [Video]

Oklahoma man proposes to his girlfriend while handcuffed. Arresting officer assists with the marriage proposal by taking out the ring. Girlfriend says yes.

Serenaded Girl In China Calls Boy ‘Annoying’ And Breaks His Guitar. [Video]

Watch scene unfold like a classic John Hughes film. Boy on guitar, girl ‘friend’ on the drums. Serenade fails and boy realizes it’s the drummer he loves.