Console TV Seinfeld Fish Tank.

What would George do? He’d dig that old console TV out of the trash and turn it into a fish tank.

Hooray For Kitty Backpack With Dome Window. Your Cat Is Gonna Love It!

If a cat could decide for itself, it would want to be stuffed and confined in your backpack with only a small dome window to look out of. Kitty Backpack!

Don’t Ask Why : Bubble Wrap Bike [Video]

Dilemma: you want to ride your bike but you want to pop the bubbles on your roll of bubble wrap too. Eric Buss’s bubble wrap bike is your solution.

Underage Girl Uses Makeup Skills To Get Into A Bar Without Being Carded.

While most people are trying to look younger in a bar, one underage imgurian made herself look much older to get into a bar. She was successful.

Coat Made Out of Chest Hair.

Asking ‘how’ to make a coat out of chest hair will get answered. Asking ‘why’ may get answered but would not make any sense.

How To Make A Homemade Soda Slurpee Slushie. [Video]

DIY homemade soda Slurpees and slushies in any soda flavor following this video from The King of Random.

One Step Closer To Lightsaber: DIY Handheld Laser. [Video]

DIY Handheld Laser: three words that should probably not be together.

Homemade Water Slide Fail. [Video]

A fail for DIY’rs but a win for dads everywhere.