Dog Opens Fridge And Retrieves Beer That’s Empty And Comes In A Koozie. [Video]

Watch an Australian cattle dog named Bandit grab its owner a beer with just a ‘I’m parched’ command.

Ice Machine Use Triggers Dog To Attack Cat. [Video]

Watch dog go after cat when the ice machine is used. Why? No reason.

Dog Passes Out With Joy. [Video]

Watch a schnauzer yelp with joy until he passes out.

Pomeranian Gets A Haircut – Now A Porn Star Who Only Walks On Two Feet.

Like a twisted version of a kids book, the ‘If You Give A Pomeranian A Haircut’ story has a hind-leg standing, porn filled ending.

Interactive CleverPet Is A Treat Delivering DogPad. [Video]

When pet ownership guilt has moved you beyond the bone, there’s the CleverPet.

Dog Sees Squirrel. Dog Goes Nuts. [Video]

Rocco the springer spaniel spies a squirrel outside of the car. Then goes into clicks, chatter and echo location squirrel hunting mode from there.

Corgi Bites A Spray Paint Can, Starts A Fire. [Video]

Yogi the corgi has issues. One is ‘cleaning supply hate’ and the other is starting kitchen fires. Fortunately, all capture on video.

Kitten Wants What The Dog Is Eating. [Video]

‘Kitten Wants What The Dog Is Eating’ is like the ‘Hang In There, Baby!” kitten poster but with a dog and a chunk of raw meat.