German Shepherd Song Critic – Shower Trolololo [Video]

Maximus’s owner decided to belt out a little trolololo in the shower. The German shepherd critiqued the song the whole way through.

Distracted Golden Retriever Can’t Finish The Race. [Video]

If the objective of this race was to bite and eat everything along the race route, then the golden retriever would win.

Dogs Run In When The Laptop Closes. [Video]

Short video of two happy dogs just as happy as their owner about the laptop closing.

Compilation Video Of Cats, Dogs And A Pig Who Don’t Care Anymore. [Video]

These are the pet equivalents of senior citizens.

Dog Fight Ends When Attacking Dog Gets A Finger Up The Ass. [Video]

This story runs the gamut – there’s a dog fight, missing toes, stitches, ass-play and a sprinkling of nuttiness.

Oh, Having Sex With Dogs Is Wrong… Ok. Who Wants Dinner? [Video]

How do you make sure you dog sex story goes mainstream? You attempt to poison the people that caught you having sex with the dogs.

Dog In Teddy Bear Costume Eating A Treat.

It took 19 days but we finally found something that is crapworthy. Thank you Ewok Teddy Bear costume dog eating a doggie treat!

Cats Putting Up With Dogs. [Video]

Video compilation of cat-loving dogs trying to be friends with temperamental cats.