It’s Duncan! Slo-Mo Video Of Two Legged Boxer Running On The Beach. [Video]

Two-legged boxer Duncan does more on two legs than I can do on two legs. Watch him frolic on the beach with his four-legged pals.

Garbage Eating Dogs Caught In The Act. [Video]

Garbage eating dogs caught in the act and the people who talk to them like they’re human.

Little Dog Will Not Share The Food Bowl With A Big Dog. [Video]

It’s only a matter of time until the big dog realizes the little dog bogarting the food bowl looks like something else edible.

Patient Dogs Have A Compilation Video.

Watch dogs behave uncatlike as they’re poked, dressed up, teased and sat on.

Dog Drinks Anti-Freeze – Vodka IV Saves Him. [Video]

Charlie the dog got into some deadly coolant. It turns out the antidote is a whole lot of vodka.

Two Dogs Sharing One Ice Cream Cone. [Video]

Dogs Daisy and Cooper love tag-teaming McDonalds’ ice cream cones – one licks and the other finishes.

Hope For Paws Rescues A Dog Living On A Trash Pile. [Video]

Watch the amazing transformation of Miley the ‘barely living on a pile of trash’ dog rescued by Hope For Paws.

Sophisticated Dog Walks In The Pool. [Video]

Watch a video of as a dog walks in the pool like she isn’t a dog at all.