Dogs Afraid To Walk Past Cats – The Compilation Video.

As the youngest in my family, I know what these dogs are going through.

Compilation Video Of Cats Stealing Dog Beds. [Video]

Cats Stealing Dog Beds Review : A Funny video of thoughtless cats sleeping in the beds of traumatized, bed-less dogs. You can feel their pain.

Obie, The ‘Formerly’ Fat Dachshund.

Congratulations to Obie the Dachshund for losing 50 lbs! Now, it’s ok to laugh at your before picture.

Boogie The Lost Dog Completes A Half Marathon. Was Found. Got A Medal.

Training for a half marathon is for the humans – Boogie the dog’s motivation was getting to go home and sniffing his owner.

Compilation Video Of Dogs Being Lazy. [Video]

Enjoy a funny compilation video of dogs being lazy that ends with some guy sitting on the shitter with a dog resting in his pants.

Puppy Ate A Bee.

What happens when a puppy eats a bee? They end up looking like a cartoon character.

Ba Boo The Dog Nurses Stray Kitten. [Video]

A three-year old shar pei in Kodak TN not only accepted a new stray kitten into her family, she started producing milk to feed the little bugger.

Crazy Video Of A Puppy Throwing Up A Rubber Toy Shark

This puppy is lucky. He ‘gets to’ throw up a toy shark. Would’ve been a horror movie if it came out the other end.