Genius – Churchkey On A Dog Collar

Want to adopt a puppy but having a hard time convincing dad? Churchkey on a dog collar may be the tipping point.

Is This Ok? Leg-Humping Dog in Bobby Farelly’s Jeep Compass Dog Ad.

Should a dog leg-humping a dog trainer be considered smut? Watch the Jeep Compass commercial and find out what the Australian Adv Stds Bureau decided.

Dog Eats Owner’s Toes. [Video]

Indiana man’s dog eats two of his toes. Blames himself and not the dog.

‘Free Sex’ Sign Found Outside A Grocery Store.

Dog owner doesn’t give a f%ck for his dog.

Maymo The Dog Having Trouble Walking In His New Tennis Shoes. [Video]

Maymo’s owners: future dog-attack statistics.

Unfortunate Signage: The Bury And Oldham RSPCA Center In England.

Dear Bury / Oldham RSPCA – I am inquiring about the marketing position with your organization. Qualifications? I would’ve chosen ‘Oldham.’ Sincerely, C. Rapasaurus.

House Chaos!: Sheep Vs Cat Vs Greyhounds. [Video]

Assorted pets playing together like kids jumping in puddles.

Joy: A Video Of A Duckling, A Hammerhead Pit Bull And A Shark-Costumed Cat Riding A Roomba. [Video]

Starring Max-Arthur the cat, Sharky the pit bull and a duck.