Getting Arrested Wearing Your Best ‘Who Needs Drugs’ T-Shirt.

The ‘No, Seriously, I Have Drugs’ message on the t-shirt was just kicking the probably cause door in.

Woman Wears ‘I Love Crystal Meth’ T-shirt In Booking Photo.

A Kentucky woman was arrested wearing a ‘I Love Crystal Meth’ t-shirt. What do you think she was arrested for?

The Only Thing He Had On Was ‘A Large Metal Ring Around His Testicles’

Who hasn’t done this before? We all think we’re better than Keith ‘put a large metal ring around his testicles’ Berfield but we’re all one bad trip away.

Man Drives His Mom And Dead Girlfriend From Arizona To Michigan.

Weekend at Bernies meets Road Trip when a Michigan man decides to complete his cross country trip with his dead girlfriend and still-living mom.

LSD In The Desert. [Video]

Never thought I would call a video about a man on LSD, in the desert, ‘sweet’ but this one is. Lot of figuring shit out going on too.

Rescue Optional? Man Falls Into A Tank Of Untreated Raw Sewage.

We swore off dumbass but we’re right back in it. This time, genius decided to check out the untreated sewage tanks. Discovered they hold raw sewage.

Video Of Dolphins Getting High On Puffer Fish Neurotoxin. [Video]

Watch a pod of dolphins turn a puffer fish into a living joint and then trip out.

QuickCrap: Man Overdoses On Viagra. Doctors Have To Amputate His Johnson.

Yes, you can overdose on Viagra but it sounds like you can only do it once.