Passed Out Kid At Michigan Rave Was Just Ratchet The Rapper. [Video]

The passed out poster child for the 2000 person Michigan rave gets interviewed and it doesn’t give me hope for the future. It’s time to dig the moat.

Drunk Fishing Contest Found Its Winner. [Video]

There is a fishing wasted competition in Belgium and the winner gets a BOOZ trophy. I wonder how it’ll look on this drunk fisherman’s mantle…

How To Fail The Sobriety Test Before Taking The Sobriety Test. [Video]

Recite the alphabet backwards and the tilted-head hand to nose tests were never needed with this poor drunk. The holding the tape measurer test did him in.

Mayor Rob Ford’s ‘Possible’ Re-Election Campaign Signs. [Video]

The drunk buffoon uncle you avoid – he’s the Mayor of Toronto. Kelly Manchester uses Rob Ford quotes as copy for his his re-election signs.

Who Wore It Better: Joe Namath Or The IKEA Monkey?

At Super Bowl 48, Joe Namath helped with the coin toss and wore a fur to honor the heads and tails of all the animals that went into his dumbass coat.

Craigslist Ad By A Drunk Needing To Make An Emergency Taco Bell Run.

A guy in Baltimore needed some Taco Bell and to get it, he needed somebody with a 4-wheel drive car to get him there.

Weird Creature Swimming Under The Ice. [Video]

It’s not a manatee or a jellyfish. It’s a creature that doesn’t normally live under the ice but drunkenly chooses to.

Hockey Helmet Thief Is Our Drunk Of The Year! [Video]

If given the chance 1000 times, I don’t think I’d ever consider taking a hockey player’s helmet off and putting it on my head. This guy does it first time.