Crossfit Workout Gone Bad Video.

Watch the MacGyver of crossfit struggle with every aspect of his workout.

Crazy Ways People Feed Their Baby – Phone Mounted On Head. [Video]

Parents will do anything to get their relatively newborns to eat and sleep. Wearing a phone on your forehead is probably one technique to avoid.

Amazon Echo Parody – The Amazon Echo Promo Video We Wanted. [Video]

The Amazon Echo could be a cool product. The promo video used to introduce the Echo was pretty weak. The Amazon Echo parody video shows why.

Man Swallowed By Snake For A TV Show. [Video]

The Discovery channel’s Eaten Alive will have a guy, in a special suit, swallowed whole by an anaconda. Hooray for sweeps months!

Mail Poop To Your Enemies-Exes-Boss-Former Friends With [Video]

Shit Express is one of those companies that makes a big splash and then slowly breaks down and disappears. I give them 30 days.

The ‘Put On A Play With Your Dead Mice’ Commercial Is Dumb But… [Video]

The TOMCAT brand rodent trap company is making some god awful commercials about re-animating dead mice. Therefore, I’ll only by rodent traps from…???

We Have A Date For The Guy Whose iPhone 6 Bent And Caught Fire.

The iPhone 6 that caught fire in an Arizona man’s pants involved a rickshaw and onlookers. Solution: avoid rickshaws until Apple gives them the all clear.

Sexy Chilis Cook Shares Tattoo With H.I. McDunnough, Warthog From Hell.

A cook at a Florida Chilis restaurant got fired for posing shirtless in a Chilis’ kitchen. Had he been shirted, we would’ve missed the Rasing AZ connection.