Charity Fail – Water To Wine Was A Hoax By Charity Wine To Water. [Video]

Wine to Water was behind the Miracle Machine hoax. They want to bring safe drinking water to the developing world. Probably lying their asses off again.

Burger King Employee Puts ‘Bitch Ass Hoes’ On Customer’s Receipt.

Dumbass writing Bitch Ass Hoes is my last post about dumbasses being dumbasses. Too many dumbass stories about dumbasses behaving like dumbasses.

The Cold War On Global Warming: It’s Super Cold Outside So Climate Change Is A Myth. [Video]

It happens every year – a little cold weather and the non-scientists experts at Fox call global warming a hoax. Even Trump made it on this exclusive panel.

Twerk For Work: Currys Electronics Makes Job Candidates Dance For Crappy Jobs. [Video]

I have some advice for Currys: if Miley Cyrus is excited about a step in your interview process, you are doing something wrong. No Twerk For Work.

Job Interview Fake Meteor Prank. LG Still Biggest Dicks In Electronics. [Video]

First it’s hot chicks laughing at guys peeing and then, unborn babies gave expectant parents the finger. Now LG is using end of the world to sell TVS.