Pee-Wee’s Playhouse On Netflix Instant!

The awesomest, timeless, wackiest kid’s show ever is now available on Netflix Instant. Hard to beat watching Pee-wee’s Playhouse with your kids.

Teacher Mails Letters To Students 20 Years Later. [Video]

Sweet story about a teacher and a 20 year letter project. Why did he start the 20 year letter project? How do his former students react to the letter?

Pregnant Schoolgirl Mannequins In Venezuela.

Venezuela’s teen pregnancy rate is the highest in South America. One store is using its window display to shock people into action.

Is There A Free App That Solves Math Problems? Yes. [Video]

What a cool idea. PhotoMath isn’t going to be perfect at solving math problems but it should be a good study aid. Watch the video of how it works.

Teacher Shows Up Drunk, Without Pants, On First Day Of School. [Video]

Teachers: showing up on your first day of school drunk and without pants is not ok. One or the other and your in the clear.

Mtv’s The Challenge Features Women Out-Dumbing Each Other. [Video]

If you ever wondered about how Mtv chooses people for their ‘reality’ shows – watch this clip and know that intelligence test are not part of the process.

Selfie Destruction – Student Taking Selfie Breaks Leg Off A Statue.

A student in Milan Italy climbed on the Drunken Satyr statue to take the perfect selfie. I sure hope they didn’t try to pass this dumb act off as art.

Great State Of Virgina – Cedar Lee Middle School Business Card.

Shit happens.