Amazon Echo Is Going To Be Super Weird In The Bedroom. [Video]

The smart people at Amazon have created a Siri-type device that the whole family can use to get answers and fight over. Say hello to Echo. Untethered Smartwatch? According To TDD, Will.he.won’t.

Environmentalist and technologist is coming out with a smartwatch that does everything and doesn’t need a tether. The Daily Dot calls bullshit.

Demo Video Of Apple’s CarPlay In A Volvo. [Video]

Losing your iPhone is going to suck a 1000 times more when you need it to drive home.

Just About Everything In 1991 Radio Shack Ad Replaced By Mobile Phone.

Just when you think about how much waste is involved in upgrading our mobile phones, you find out how many things our mobile phones have replaced.

Siri Harassed: Writer Locks / Unlocks iPhone 5S With His Penis.

You can lock/unlock the iPhone 5S with more than just fingerprints – nipples, cat paws and it turns out the penis works too. What should we try next?

Woman Trades $ 2000 Louis Vuitton Bag To Move Up In Line For iPhone 5S.

Cult of Apple: ‘An Apple fan-person and her Louis Vuitton Bag are soon parted’ in order to jump in line a couple places to purchase an iPhone 5S.

Here’s To Change: New HTC Commercial Featuring Robert Downey Jr. [Video]

Will Iron Man be enough star power to make HTC a household name? HTC hopes this can deliver.

Picture Caption Of The Day: Bribing Dad With Beer To Get iPad.

Work at home dad’s 5-year old daughter knows exactly what buttons to push to get the iPad. Heineken button pushed.