What’s Worse: Eating A Ghost Pepper Or Calling Mom After Eating A Ghost Pepper? [Video]

Life lesson: don’t participate in the ghost pepper eating challenge if your mom is home.

Newscasters’ Saying The Same Valentine’s Day Nonsense Blah Blah Blah. [Video]

Conan’s latest ‘newscasters agree’ bit and this one has Valentine’s Day attached to it. Here’s the ‘newscasters agree’ bit and this one has Valentine’s…

With Antarctica, Metallica Has Played On All Seven Continents In 2013. [Video]

Coke Zero contest winners got to watch a Metallica show in Antarctica because it’s badass! Actually, Metallica wanted to break a 7-continent concert record.

President Obama’s Selfie At Nelson Mandela’s Memorial Service.

Thank goodness President Obama didn’t do pouty lips and throw out a peace sign.