Crossfit Workout Gone Bad Video.

Watch the MacGyver of crossfit struggle with every aspect of his workout.

Jesus Strong – Cross Fit By Jesus Is Basically CrossFit By Jesus. [Video]

WWJD to build lean muscle mass and increase aerobic stamina? Cross Fit by Jesus probably isn’t it.

The IceTee Shirt Uses ‘Strategically Placed’ Gel Packs To Keep You Cool…

For people that exercise, the IceTee Shirt sounds like a great idea. The Gizmag article profiling the IceTee unfortunately gives the trade secret away.

Fun Film About A Mountain Biker Chasing His Border Collie Down A Hill. [Video]

Bryan and Kaia like to go for extreme walks and filmmaker Jonathan Kang captured the whole thing.

Funkybod’s Pec Enhancing Wundershirt Is A Padded T-Shirt For Men.

Manboobs are a problem and Funkybod has a solution – it’s half man Spanx, half padded Manzier. Become a happy ‘Never Nude’ with the Wundershirt.

Short And Sweet: Baby Sloth Climbing And Making Cute Noises [Video]

Video of a baby sloth doing some crossfit exercises and sounding cute.

FAIL – Big Muscular Mets Fan Trying To Open A Bottled Water [Video]

Watch this Mets fan struggle to open a water bottle as the Mets announcers bust his chops.

Funny Image Caption Of The Day.

Getting in shape is tough. Getting others to notice might be more difficult.