Man Pounds Nails Through A Board With His Bare Hands. [Video]

When it comes to pounding nails into a board, I still prefer a hammer over a Ukranian.

Dad Makes Son R2-D2 Birthday Cake With Princess Leia Hologram. [Video]

Thanks a lot ‘R2-D2 birthday cake with Princess Leia hologram’ making dad. You violated dad code by raising the bar too high for the rest of us.

The 999 Challenge: 9 Hot Dogs And 9 Beers In 9 Innings. [Video]

If the food and drink don’t get you, the nine innings of baseball might.

Lasagna-Bun Burger: Deep-Fried Lasagna Buns With A Hamburger In Between.

‘Can I have a Lasagna-Bun Burger with a side of defibrillator?’

An American Wins 2013 Cheese-Rolling at Cooper’s Hill In Gloucestershire. [Video]


New Ride At Six Flags Over Texas: Texas SkyScreamer. [Video]

The line for the Texas SkyScreamer is one person shorter. My unbucket list is one item longer.

Furious Pete And The Extreme Lemon Juice Challenge. [Video]

Furious Pete takes on another challenge. Makes it more extreme.