‘Applebeesandme’ Is Like Film ‘Her’ But Between A Guy And An Applebees Location.

Chris Zdarsky has an unusual relationship with his local Applebees. On the heels on the Spike Jonze film ‘Her’ – what Mr. Zdarsky is doing is perfectly ok.

Shit You Shouldn’t Post About Your Kids On Facebook: Ben’s Poo Marble.

Obviously the parents who posted ‘Ben’s Poo Marble’ on Facebook thought this through first and figured it was a public service to post a poo marble story.

Burglary Suspect Posts ‘Catch Me If U Can Muthasuckas’ On Facebook…

What do you think happened next? A life of crime and most of all, a life on the run isn’t for everyone. Mr. Lozano, you need to find a trade.. in prison.

Aunt Turns To Facebook. Bully Apologizes To Her Nephew On Camera. [Video]

What’s an aunt to do after she sees her nephew bullied at school? She puts out the word on Facebook and turns the tables on this bully. +1

QuickCrap: One Parent Turned A Post By A Facebook LIKE Shill Into Something Good.

Getting Facebook LIKES and having your posts ‘talked about’ is a cutthroat business driven by sick kid photos and stolen jokes. One dad turned the tables.

Groupon Rep Threatens Restaurant w/ Yelp. Gets His Nuts Kicked On Facebook.

When the going gets tough for Groupon, the going gets tougher. Didn’t Google offer them $6 billion a couple years ago?

Budweiser’s New ‘Buddy Cup’ Facebook Friends’ You With All Of The Toasted People You Drunkenly Toasted. [Video]

Drunk ‘Friending’ is easier than ever now with Budweiser’s Buddy Cup.