Burglar Falls Asleep On The Job Next To Stolen Jewelry. [Florida!]

Thanks Florida for floridianing up for us. Burglar falls asleep on the job? Only in Florida.

Concentration Camp Pajama Top Pulled Because It Should Be.

The folks at Zara had a grand idea – dress your toddlers ‘Old Western’ style by putting them in a l’il concentration camp uniform.

Angry Old Russian To iPhone And iPad – I MUST BREAK YOU. [Video]

Putin says jump, Russians say ‘how high?’ Putin bans products from US and EU, Russians break iPhones and pour out their cokes. (Putin owns hammer company)

Becoming Undone Performing Undone By Weezer. [Video]

Not sure if this was planned or not but these youngish kids performing ‘Undone – The Sweater Song’ become part of the song. Damn keyboards.

Exorcism 101 – Don’t Take That Cellphone Call. [Video]

Exorcism Fail.

Send In The Old Guy So Bruce Lee Can Demo Punches And Groin Kicks. [Video]

Bruce Lee’s audition tape for The Green Hornet is recirculating and it’s fun to watch. Especially when then send the 70+ year old to spar with Bruce.

Great State Of Virgina – Cedar Lee Middle School Business Card.

Shit happens.

DHL Delivery Prank – Pranking Competitors Into Advertising For DHL. [Video]

If you aren’t winning the market share war, you might as well win the prank battle. DHL sticks it to UPS and TNT by pranking them into advertising for DHL.