Guy With 30″ Rims Is The Coolest Guy In Atlanta 364 Days A Year BUT… [Video]

when it snows, guy slipping on ice in a car with 30″ rims in Atlanta is very easy to pick out.

Every TV Newscaster Is Using ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’ As A Lead-In. [Video]

Yes, our local TV newscasters could be replaced by robots… or kittens. Watch several dozen Stepford newscasters repeat the ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’ line.

With Antarctica, Metallica Has Played On All Seven Continents In 2013. [Video]

Coke Zero contest winners got to watch a Metallica show in Antarctica because it’s badass! Actually, Metallica wanted to break a 7-continent concert record.

Magic Restroom Cafe Toilet Themed Restaurant In Los Angeles.

The thinking behind the Magic Restroom Cafe toilet themed restaurant is that it ‘worked in Taipei and it’ll work in LA.’ Transitive property FAIL?

Get To Know ‘Fukuppy’ – The New Mascot For Fukushima Industries.

Fukuppy is an unfortunate name choice for a refrigerator company mascot name but could be a boon for their future clothing business.

Guy Shits Himself On Slingshot Amusement Park Ride. Jimmy Kimmel Prank? [Video]

Watch a video of a Jets fan ‘supposedly’ crapping his pants on a Slingshot type amusement park ride.

FAIL Prank: Twerking Girl Who Caught On Fire Was A Jimmy Kimmel Prank [Video]

Jimmy Kimmel hit the internet trifecta when he created the ‘twerking girl who catches on fire’ video – it’s an organically viral prank FAIL video.

Geniuses: Company Creates Truck Tailgate Decal Of Bound And Tied Woman.

The Dumbass of the Day award goes to Hornet Signs of Waco Texas. Their ‘bound and tied’ woman decal is one part cry for attention and nine parts stupid.