Overpass Happens: Delivery Guy Forgets He’s Transporting A Huge Deer Statue. [Video]

The cars around this deer-statue transporter knew exactly what was going to happen.

Russian Water Park FAIL? My Left Butt-Cheek! This Is A Russian Water Park WIN! [Video]

Crazy video of Russian kids riding in the bucket of a backhoe gives viewers a glimpse of what stupid-fun stuff we did in the 70’s but can’t anymore.

Transporting A Washing Machine FAIL. [Video]

The audio accompanying this video is worse than having a washing machine in your car break your back window and then fall out of your car onto the ground.

He Got Munsoned!! Bowler Loses Chance At Bowling 300 Due To Pinsetter [Video]

A scene almost taken directly out of the movie ‘Kingpin.’ Bowler Troy Walker gets Munsoned two strikes away from a perfect 300 game.

My Sons Are So Getting The ‘Born To Wear Diamonds’ And ‘Best Subject – Shopping, Not Math’ T-Shirts.

Want to draw the ire of the internet? Make a shirt for little girls that says ‘girls’ love diamonds, shopping and dancing & hate math.

FAIL – Big Muscular Mets Fan Trying To Open A Bottled Water [Video]

Watch this Mets fan struggle to open a water bottle as the Mets announcers bust his chops.

Skim Board High-Five Attempt FAIL. [Video]

Who would’ve thought skim boarding past the boat pulling you to high-five the guy driving the boat was a bad idea.

Not All Extinctions Due To Climate Change – Dildo Extinction Manmade

Climate change is leading to the extinction of many species. Man can take credit, though, for the extinction of the dildo.