The Happy Gilmore Swing: Pro Golfers Hitting A Golf Ball Like Happy Gilmore.

As Happy Gilmore, Adam Sandler made the slap-shot swing look so easy. How will professional golfers fare using the Happy Gilmore swing?

How To Prevent A Bear Attack. [Video]

How To Prevent A Bear Attack – WJAR reporter, Julie Tremmel, shows you what to do if you’re confronted by a bear. Solution: get the bear to laugh at you.

Unsafety: How NOT To Setup And Use A Ladder. [Video]

Climbing up the ladder takes guts. With the ladder holder it’s safety optional.

Baseball: How To Throw Out The First Pitch (And How Not To). [Video]

Ball or strike aside, Korean rhythmic gymnast Shin Soo-ji raises the ‘throwing out the first pitch’ in baseball bar way too high.

Time To Party: ‘It’s Summer. I’ve Got My Hat On Backwards…’

Time to ring in summertime with backwards hat guy and a little d’oh!

National Anthem: Australia, New Zealand… They’re All The Same. [Video]

Reaction of the Australian field hockey team to the National Anthem FAIL lets you know that they’ve been down this road before.

College World Series Dugout FAIL.

Misspelling ‘college’ on the dugout at the College World Series.

Game Sharing: Sony PlayStation 4 vs Microsoft Xbox One. [Video]

Dear Microsoft – Stop being control freaks. XO XO Consumers.