‘Attempted’ Above Ground Pool Jump With A Jeep. [Video]

Attempting to jump over an above ground pool in a Jeep using a wood pallet ramp.

Goalie Kicks Ball In Own Goal. [Video]

I think a huge assist goes to mother nature on this goal.

YouTube Title Error: ‘Star Spangled Banner Cymbal FAIL’ Should Be A Win. [Video]

Star Spangled Banner WIN for the cymbal player.

Spelling Goof: Kid Wanted Cinnamon Rolls…

Maybe this kid has been visiting Japanese porn sites.

Faceplant Into A Mud Puddle. [Video]

At age 40, this will ruin your day. At below age 20, mud puddle faceplant will make your day.

Workout Video Features Squats And A Guy Squatting On The Toilet. [Video]

A workout video isn’t complete without a guy, in the background, working one out. BTW: This isn’t an accident.

ESPN First Take Fart: ‘First’ First Take = Fart. Second First Take = No Fart. [Video]

Something doesn’t smell right about ESPN’s First Take – figuratively and now literally.

Home Runless: Korean Baseball Player Celebrates A Fly Out. [Video]

Dance as if no one is watching… Lotte Giants’ Jeon jun-woo hits a fly out as if he hit a home run.