Cat Swims At The Beach, Family Goes Nuts – Video

Normal house cats are not fans of water. That’s why I don’t think the cat swimming at the beach in this video is a normal house cat.

Grandma Chocolate iPhone Prank Has A Happy Ending – Video

For our grandparents, getting technology for Christmas = kids getting a pair of socks for Christmas.

GTA Grandma Video

Watch one British grandma go nuts playing GTA V.

Dad Laughs At His Kids Painted Faces. [Video]

Watch these two little guys try to explain away their painted faces without words; just nods and head shakes. Awesome!

Amazon Echo Parody – The Amazon Echo Promo Video We Wanted. [Video]

The Amazon Echo could be a cool product. The promo video used to introduce the Echo was pretty weak. The Amazon Echo parody video shows why.

New Neighbor Sings Karaoke To Announce His Arrival. [Video]

If this becomes a ‘thing’ – this guy might spur others to sing their arrival in a new neighborhood. When it doesn’t….

Son Scares Dad Until Dad Shits Himself. [Video]

This kid’s goal, of getting his dad to shit himself, is revealed in the last clip. It’s great fun along the way though.

Alzheimer’s Can’t End The Conversation Between Man And Dog. [Video]

Lisa Abeyta’s father has Alzheimer’s and barely speaks. Fortunately, she was able to film a special conversation between her father and her dog.