Ice Ice Baby Dancing Grandma. [Video]

Watching grandma giving an Ice Ice Baby dance lesson proves that senior citizens, although slow and dangerous behind the wheel, can still serve a purpose.

Little Kid Saying All The Bad Words He Knows Has A Wonderful Ending. [Video]

Dad asks his son to tell him all of the bad words he knows and gets every ‘butt’ word known to kid. Saves the best swear word for last.

Guatemala To France – Brother Surprises Sister For Her Birthday. [Video]

Nicolas Foubert trekked from Guatemala to France to surprise his sister on her birthday. Unbelievably, his sister was excited to see him.

The Sushi Train Set From Japan. [Video]

A train set that delivers sushi conveyor belt style. It’s the sushi train set from Tomy. Eat the train delivered sushi your grubby kids made for you!

Mini-Coach Martelli Is Coach Martelli’s Grandson. [Video]

Phil Martelli’s 4-year old grandson, Philip Martelli, donned the sports coat, concerned look and a dry-erase pen for drawing out plays on a white board.

Brother Loses Bet And Dances In A Busy Intersection. [Video]

Andrew Wilcox lost a bet to his younger brother. He paid up by dancing to Gangnam Style and other songs, picked by his brother, for 30 minutes.

Failed Driving Test Gets The Irish Dad Reaction. [Video]

You can never have too many ‘for fuck’s sake’ in a father and son video. Watch a son prank his dad by telling him he failed the driving test.

Little Girl Meets Dad’s Twin And She’s Confused. [Video]

Watch a little girl meet her uncle and think it’s her dad.