Grandma’s Shirt: If You Don’t Bleed Orange And Black, Take Your Bitch Ass Home!

We all hope to reach that magical age when the clothes we wear and the things we say are all excused because of we’re old. Bengals granny is at that age.

Smellcome To Manhood Old Spice Commercial Is Creepy Awesome. [Video]

For boys moving on to manhood, Old Spice has created a commercial, from moms to their sons, about not smelling too good and it’s genius. You’re smellcome.

‘Because Of A Death, I’m Seeking A Woman’

91-year old Roger-Marc Grenier found his dream girl by posting a sign in his garden asking for a woman. When he meets her, says ‘she’ll do.’

After Losing His Wife To Cancer, Dad Recreates Wedding Photos With Daughter.

Very sweet story about a father who lost his wife to cancer, recreating his wedding pictures with their daughter.

Another Great ‘Not Your’ Father And Son Moment. [Video]

That moment during a pub brawl, where you and your foe’s eyes meet and you think you know them. Then it turns out you don’t and you head butt them.

‘Lord Of The Crumbs’ Mixes Cookie Monster With Lord Of The Rings. [Video]

One constant is that Sesame Street has always made great parodies of TV shows and films. Lord of the Crumbs is no different.

Family Un-Friendly Hike Of The Year : Awa’awapuhi Trail Kauai At Side Ridge. [Video]

Wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of people hiking the Awa’awapuhi Trail Kauai at Side Ridge forget how to walk. OK, I’m just projecting.

Newborn Twins Can’t Let Go Of Each Other. [Video]

Sweet video of newborn twins comforting each other like they’re still in the womb.