Man Wearing – She Wants The D T-Shirt.

Nothing to see at Disney World except some people wearing shirts that describe how much they love the D.

Bloody Kent State Shirt From Urban Outfitters Isn’t An Accident.

It’s one thing to try and sell an bloodied, bullet holed Kent State sweatshirt. But to blow smoke up our ass, and claim it was an accident.. too much.

Concentration Camp Pajama Top Pulled Because It Should Be.

The folks at Zara had a grand idea – dress your toddlers ‘Old Western’ style by putting them in a l’il concentration camp uniform.

Article About Chanel’s Fake Supermarket Fashion Show Upstaged By Reader’s Comment.

A commenter on Chanel’s fake supermarket fashion show deserves an assist for raising Gawker’s article to level hilarious.

Who Wore It Better: Joe Namath Or The IKEA Monkey?

At Super Bowl 48, Joe Namath helped with the coin toss and wore a fur to honor the heads and tails of all the animals that went into his dumbass coat.

Hooray For Fashion! Nipple Dress, Nipple Handbag And Puckered Anus Shoes.

If your fashion needs can only be met with nipples, human hair and some anus – the HUMAN FURRIERY collection has you covered.

QuickCrap: Kanye West Is All Caps Mad At Jimmy Kimmel. [Video]

Yawn yawn yawn.

My Sons Are So Getting The ‘Born To Wear Diamonds’ And ‘Best Subject – Shopping, Not Math’ T-Shirts.

Want to draw the ire of the internet? Make a shirt for little girls that says ‘girls’ love diamonds, shopping and dancing & hate math.