You’ll Feel Like You’re Visiting Japan Watching ‘January In Japan’ By Scott Gold. [Video]

Scott Gold’s short film ‘January in Japan’ is perfect at capturing Japan. It’s like the IKEA of tourism videos because it doesn’t need to be translated.

Matt Groening Telling Sister Maggie A ‘Go Back To Sleep’ Bedtime Story. [Video]

Watch a young Matt Groening sharing ‘The Story’ with his younger sisters Lisa and Maggie in 1969. Homer Groening is behind the camera.

Alex Murphy In Action IN The New RoboCop Movie. [Video]

The new RoboCop movie is due in theaters February 12, 2014.

Live-Action ‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’ Movie Trailer. [Video]

Watch the movie trailer for the live-action ‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’ – an animated movie that was so good, they had to make a live-action version of it.

Camera Stealing Sea Eagle. [Video]

Watching the video made by a camera stealing sea eagle is a reminder to always be wary of nature and that sea eagles are the dicks of the eagle family.

Reimagined Blade Runner Made With 12,597 Small Watercolor Paintings. [Video]

Whether you’re a fan of Blade Runner or not, Anders Ramsell’s ‘Blade Runner – The Aquarelle Edition’ is fun to watch.

Climate This! Interstellar Filmed With IMAX Camera Mounted On A Learjet.

If Interstellar is about climate change and a bleak foodless future, a good way to get us there quicker is by mounting a big as camera on a Learjet now.

‘Interdependence’ Shows What It Was Like To Be A Kid 30 Years Ago. [Video]

A day in the life of two friends on an adventure, Interdependence gives a glimpse of what it was like to be a kid before the video games and internets.